Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back blogging soon

Watch this space ... 

I think I have again reached a sufficient degree of crazy-creativity to start blogging after a very very long absence. The absence can be ascribed to my participation in a field study I like to call "Trying to fit in to everyday life, as normal people are expected to do".

Hopefully my blogs will bring a smile to the one or two lost souls who happen to stumble onto this blog every now and then ... whether as a result of an (un)fortunate coincidence or out of absolute boredom ... more often than not probably the latter.
Chances are also very good that the smile will come at my expense, as I will probably be reflecting on some unfortunate situation I find myself in (most likely because of my big mouth and constant and unwavering support from Murphy and his Law).

Stay tuned, stay true, stay strong and most importantly stay semi-sane.

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